How should I care for my copper jewelry?
Each piece I create is handmade with love and care. The electroforming process creates a sturdy layer of plated metal. Although the electroforming process by design is used to secure the crystals, keep in mind - the natural gemstones we use are often fragile. While your one of a kind design is strong, its not intended to be bent or flexed. Please handle with care. 

How can I prevent my jewelry from tarnishing?
Its always ideal to store your copper jewelry  in a cool dry area when not wearing. Each electroformed piece is unique with layers of plated metal (copper or gold) deposited and we hand polished before shipping. After wear, copper can change colour over time, especially if coming in contact with moisture or other solutions...This cannot be avoided without a sealant. (I purposely do not use a sealant on the copper Jewelry I make, allowing nature to run its course so the healing properties of copper to be absorbed in the skin) To bring back luster to original shine, simply rub/shine piece with soft cloth (steel wool from any local hardware store will work great!)Additionally, Clear nail polish can be used as a sealant. Put a small bit on the inside of a ring if you choose! 

Is my jewelry made with a genuine gemstone/crystals?
We will always specify what stones are used in our product descriptions. We do create resin crystals ourselves which are woman-made and not natural gemstones. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges? 
Due to the handmade nature of our products I am unable to offer returns or exchanges.